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  • Computer Software Professional Programs

    S.I. Course Name Course Code Duration Course Fee
    1 Certificate in Financial Accounting (CFA) MN01 3 Months Rs. 4150/- Only
    Concept of Financial Accounting
    Introduction to Tally
    Company Creation
    Accounting and Inventory
    Accounting and Inventory Master Creation
    Entering Vouchers
    Accounting for payroll, Value Added Tax (VAT), Tax Deduction at Source, Service Tax
    Keyboard shortcuts
    Assignment & Project Work
    2 Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) MN02 6 Months Rs. 5200/- Only
    Fundamental of Computer (CF)

    Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS DOS): Internal Commands, External Commands, Batch File, Wild Cards

    MS Windows XP: Windows concept, Features, Desktop, Start Menu, My Computer, Recycle Bin, Keyboard, Shortcuts, Windows, Accessories: Paint, Notepad, WordPad etc, Window Explorer, Entertainment : CD Player, Media Player, System Tools

    MS Office

    MS Word: Concept of word processing, Introduction of MS Word, Features, Key-board Shortcuts, Editing & Formatting documents, Table, Advance features of MS Word, Mail Merge, Macro

    MS Excel: Worksheet basic, Working with formulas and cell referencing, Auto sum, Formatting to worksheet, Previewing and Printing worksheet, Graphs and Charts, Functions, Macros

    MS Access: Concept of database, Table, Sorting and filtering, Relationship between Tables, Query, Form, Report, Macro, Database security

    MS PowerPoint: Introduction, Use of Standard Formatting toolbar, Drawing toolbar, Editing slides, Changing templates, Slide Layouts, inserting clipart & Pictures into slide, Slide Transitions, Animation, Inserting sound and movies into slides Internet, E-mail and Multimedia
    Concept of HTML (Hyper Text Mark up Language)
    Assignment, Project on Data Entry & Conversion Work
    3 Diploma in Desktop Publishing (DDTP) MN03 6 Months Rs. 5650/- Only
    Concept of MS- Word
    Mobile Downloading
    MR Photo
    4 Diploma in Financial Accounting (DFA) MN04 9 Months Rs. 7550/- Only
    DCA + CFA
    5 Diploma in Computer Programming (DCP) MN05 6 Months Rs. 6550/- Only
    Programming Logic & Technique (PLT): Concept of Programming, Program Development Cycle Algorithm, Flow Chart, Pseudo Code, Program Elements- Variable, Array, Function, Characteristics of a good program

    Concept of C: Data Types, Control Statement, Arrays, Structure

    Programming in C++: Introduction to C++, Concept of OOPs Programming, Basics of C++ (Keyword, Constants, Data Types etc.,), Operators and Expressions, Control statements, Arrays (Single Dimensional Arrays & Two Dimensional Arrays), Functions (User defined functions & library functions), Structures, Classes and objects, Constructors and Destructors, Object and Function overloading, inheritance, Pointers

    FoxPro Programming: Database Concept, FoxPro Compounds- LIST, DISPLAY, BROWSE, EDIT, DELETE etc., Variables, Conditions Statements, Loops, Arrays, Procedure, Creation of menu

    GUI Programming in Visual Basic: Introduction to Visual Basic, Working with Projects and Forms, Variables, Constants, Arrays, Control Flow, Statements and Conditional Statements, Menus (Designing, Programming), Active X Controls, Events Driven Programming, MDI (Multiple Document Interface)

    Assignment and Project work

    6 Diploma in Advance Programming (DAP) MN06 6 Months Rs. 7500/- Only
    Visual Basic
    C++ Programming
    Techniques of Software Development
    Assignment & Project work
    7 Diploma in Web Designing (DWD) MN07 6 Months Rs. 8500/- Only
    8 Diploma in Multimedia (DMM) MN08 6 Months Rs. 4800/- Only
    Introduction to information Technology
    Windows XP
    MS- PowerPoint
    Adobe Photoshop
    3D Studio Max
    9 Honours Diploma in Computer Application (HDCA) MN09 1 Year Rs. 9650/- Only
    DCA + DCP
    10 Course in Computer Concept (CCC) MN20 03 Months Rs. 3200/- Only
    Introduction to Computer
    Introduction to GUI based operating system
    Elements of Word Processing
    Computer Communication and Internet
    WWW and Web Browsers
    Communication and Collaboration
    Making small Presentations