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  • Computer Hardware Professional Programs

    S.I. Course Name Course Code Duration Course Fee
    1 Certificate in Hardware Technology (CHT) MN10 3 Months Rs. 4850/- Only
    Concept of Fundamental (CF)
    MS DOS
    Concept of Windows
    Computer Assembling
    Software Installation
    Troubleshooting & Fault finding
    Project work
    2 Diploma in Hardware Technology (DHT) MN11 6 Months Rs. 12500/- Only
    Fundamental of Computer (CF)

    Basic Electronics and Electrical (Ana log, Digital)

    Computer Hardware and its Components: Processor, Motherboard, RAM, FDD, HDD, CD-ROM, CD-R/W, Keyboard, Scanner, Mouse, Joy stick, SMPS, Monitor, Printer, UPS

    Overview of the BIOS, CMOS setting, Advanced award BIOS setting, BIOS features setup, Chipset feature setup, Power Management Setup

    DATA Backup, Low Level Formatting, Partitioning your Drive, High Level Formatting, Master/Slave, Jumpers, DOS Formatting

    Data Backup

    Installation of Windows 98/2000/XP, Installation of Drivers- Display/Sound Card, Modem Card, Computer Anti Virus Software, Duel Boot, Bootable CD, Floppy Creation, CD Writing
    Computer Networking: LAN, WAN Internet, Intranet, VSAT, Windows 98 Networking, Win 2000 Networking, Topology, OSI Model, Proto cal
    Computer Trouble Shooting & Utilities: Fault finding, Scan Disk, Defragmentation, Control Panel etc.,
    Maintenance & Repairing of Computer Systems
    Marketing Concepts and Live Project Work
    3 Mobile Engineering Course (MEC) MN12 6 Months Rs. 6999/- Only
    Basic Electronics : Introduction of Mobile Computer, Practical on Electronic Components & Testing, Soldering with iron, Multi meter, CRO, Bread Board, How to use SMD, PCB, General Purpose PCB, Checking of Parts (Speaker, Buzzer, Earphone, PFO)

    Mobile Components : Introduction of Mobile Communication, Introduction to Mobile Phones, Cellular Mobile Telephone Service, Service Information of Mobile Phone (Base Band Module, Base Band), Identification of different IC’s, Supply Voltage Regulation, Powering UP & Down the Phone, Receiver, Transmitter, Headset, Detection, Memory, SRAM, EEPROM, FLASH, Display Circuit/Monitor, Comparison with computer, Batteries and charger, SIM Card, Network Section (PFO, FDK, Antenna, Antenna Switch), Chip Level and BGA training, GSM Codes, Block Diagram of different phones, Ball IC Practice, How to fix the Ball IC, Checking of PCB Prints, Introduction of different categories of mobile phones, SMD Rework Station, Practice on Working Phones, Parts Replacing & Checking.

    Trouble Shooting : Fault finding Procedure, SIM Card Faults, Network Problem, Charging and Battery Problems, Power ON/OFF Problems, General Faults, Display Problems, Software Problems, Keyboard Problems, Motherboard Tracing & Trouble shooting.

    Mobile Software & Trouble Shooting : Use of Logo Manager, Identification of Dongle Switch and interface Cable, Indentify how to connect different type of interface cable with different mobiles, Unlock, Flashing, Blue tooth, Loading Games, Video clip, Blacklisting software, Remote Software, UFS3.
    4 Honours Diploma in Hardware Technology (HDHT) MN13 1 Year Rs. 16500/- Only
    DCA + DHT